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Diaper Bag Supplies

Updated: Apr 24

As a first-time parent, ensuring you have the right supplies in your diaper bag can make outings with your baby a lot smoother. All the products recommended here have been vetted by us in our own parenting experiences. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Here's a comprehensive list of essential supplies to carry in your diaper bag, ensuring you're fully prepared for any situation:

Duh! Pack more than you think you'll need and always replenish any you used on your outing when you get home. Look for unscented 99% water wipes for gentle on baby's sensitive skin.

This portable changing pad is equipped with pockets for everything you need to change a diaper on the go. Consider carrying disposable changing pad covers for suspect unsanitary public changing tables.

Change of clothes!

We learned this one the hard way one evening when we thought we'd go to the Nike employee (I received a pass through my work). It's a 30-40 minute drive depending on traffic, and we were about halfway there when Kailey had a blowout in the car and started crying to be changed. We stopped in the parking lot of a Burgerville to change her, and quickly realized her onesie and pants were ruined and we had nothing to clothe her. We drove home, called it a night, and rescheduled our plans for the following day. Don't let a blow out ruin your plans; pack an extra set of clothes in your diaper bag.

These wipes are great for cleaning up messy hands and face, including snot and boogies, and food post-meal. We prefer the unscented kind.

This cream treats comes in several forms with varying ingredients but its purpose is to prevent or treat diaper rash. Learn more about diaper rash prevention, treatment and discover top recommended diaper rash creams.

These travel size packs of sanitizing wipes are great for wiping down surfaces like restaurant tables, high chairs, and grocery carts or cleaning that toy or pacifier the baby threw on the ground for the umpteenth time! Stash a pack in the diaper bag and replenish as needed,

This hand sanitizer is gentle on delicate hands and comes on a keychain to keep it easily accessible. When there's no sink or soap, having hand sanitizer on hand is a saving grace. Use it after diaper changes and before eating a meal to keep everyone germ-free and healthy.

Whether for burping or wiping up spills, having a few burp cloths on hand is incredibly useful, and have extra bibs for the spit up or drool that is sure to occur.

Soothe your little one with pacifiers and provide entertainment and relief during teething with suitable toys.

Feeding Essentials -

Pack some snacks and water for you and baby. If you're bottle-feeding carry bottles and formula. Similac has premixed shelf stable formula that's great for keeping in the diaper bag and feeding on the go. For breastfeeding, extra nursing pads and a cover can be crucial.

Dermatologists recommend sunscreen even on cloudy days. Keep some sunscreen in the diaper bag and apply it if you and baby will be spending more than a few minutes outside. A Sun Hat is also a good idea to have on hand.

Warm Beanie & Gloves (fall/winter) AND an Extra Sweater

Keep a warm beanie, gloves and sweater for layering when it's colder than you anticipated.

A soft, lightweight blanket can come in handy for keeping your baby warm, as a makeshift nursing cover, or for impromptu tummy time.

Baby Carrier or Sling -

Useful for carrying your baby when your arms need a break or when navigating crowded areas.

Shout stain removing wipes or pen and an extra shirt or outfit for you is not a bad idea especially when your baby is in the spit-up phase. Read our comparison of some popular carriers and sling wraps.

Plastic Bags -

For temporary storage of dirty diapers, wet clothes, or messy items.

Mini First Aid Kit -

Start with a small travel size first aid kit with some basics or build your own kit. Always re-supply your first aid kit after you use items so you're always prepared. You can find first aid kit items at a first aid supply store like Mfasco. Your first aid keep should include at minimum:

A small lightweight multi-tool can be so useful to have on hand. The Leatherman T4 is compact and has the most essential tools including a knife for cutting up fruit or veggies for a snack, scissors for cutting open packages, screwdriver to open that toy needing new batteries, and even those tweezers for the first aid kit. Note: you'll need to leave this home or check a bag if your are planning to travel on an airplane, TSA will confiscate this if found in your carry-on.

By having these essential supplies in your diaper bag, you'll be well-prepared for outings with your baby, and ready to handle any situation that arises.

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