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Best Clothes for Breastfeeding

Updated: Apr 15

Breastfeeding offers the ability to feed your baby on demand any time, any place. No need for a bulky cooler to keep bottles at the optimal temperature. It can feel daunting to nurse in public though. The right clothing empowers nursing moms with convenient and functional discreet nursing openings, allowing for easy access when feeding your baby, making breastfeeding a breeze while still providing privacy.

I found it really difficult to find good nursing tops and dresses after my baby, Kailey, was born. I like subtle tops that aren't super obvious in their nursing function, and I prefer cotton material for its breathability, comfort and easy care.

Here are the best nursing clothes I've found in our breastfeeding journey.

Best Nursing Tops

A great nursing top is essential for breastfeeding mamas, allowing you and baby to nurse any time, any place. Nursing tops offer convenience and functionality with their discreet nursing openings. These openings allow for easy access when feeding your baby, making breastfeeding a breeze while still providing privacy.

This warm and cozy cowl neck pullover offers great pumping or nursing access in one long horizontal zipper with pulls on both sides. The soft fabric is made up of 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex and is available in several colors, including dark gray/black, light gray/black, pink/gray, blue/gray, and mint/gray. This pullover is functional and versatile, dress it up for work or wear it running in the cool fall or winter air. Either way the thumb loops keep the sleeves in place for your cozy comfort.

This basic t-shirt offers great pumping or nursing access in one long horizontal zipper with pulls on both sides. The soft lightweight fabric is made up of 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex and comes in Heather gray or solid black.

Nursing Queen clothing have a wonderful relaxed fit which compensates for extra "baby weight" and a larger chest for those swollen breasts. Most of them also have an A-line fit, which means they fit across the chest/shoulders but flow away from the body so your waist and hip measurements don't matter.

This nursing sweatshirt is cute AND functional! The pretty floral print can be worn while lounging at home or going out to dinner. It's made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex for ultimate comfort. The kangaroo pocket provides a convenient place to store your phone, keys and wallet while you are out and about. The zippers offer easy access to your milk-makers for convenient and discreet nursing anywhere.

Old Navy usually has a rotating supply of simple nursing t-shirts. Look for the ones that are 100% cotton. I have been living in these for 9 months now and could not be happier.

Cotton nursing tops are a great choice for new moms. They provide comfort and breathability, making them perfect for all-day wear. The soft fabric of cotton is gentle on the skin, which is particularly important during breastfeeding when nipples may be sore or sensitive.

Cotton is a natural and sustainable fabric that is easy to care for, making cotton nursing tops a practical choice. Another advantage of cotton nursing tops is their versatility. They can be easily dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions.

Snap button henley tops offer fast unbuttoning for quick nursing access. This is great for fall or winter to keep you cozy while also keeping your baby fed. Look for a deep button line to ensure enough opening to access your breast.

Button up pajama shirts offer easy access for night feeds or pumping sessions.

I lived in these for the first few weeks postpartum, and ended up buying a second pair so I could wear one while the other was in the wash from being spit up on. A word of warning though, these are made of 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex and run warm so may not be for you if you run hot at night. A set of silky pajamas might be more your jam for summer or warm blooded individuals.

Fantastic Nursing Dresses

Nursing tops make breastfeeding so much easier, but sometimes you need a dress that offers the same functionality. You might need a dress for a special occasion, work event, or date night, but still need to be able to pump or breastfeed quickly and discreetly. Here are dresses that make nursing or pumping a breeze.

sky blue short sleeve ankle length with side slits to knee button down dress

This button-down dress is super versatile. I wore this in Hawaii as a swimsuit coverup and when we went out to dinner. You can wear it casual or dress it up with a chunky belt. It's soft and lightweight, and of course, the buttons make it easy to nurse.

army green short sleeve knee length nursing dress

This nursing dress comes in a several sleeve lengths from long sleeve to short sleeve or sleeveless. There are also a variety of colors to choose from. The cinch waste makes the nursing function subtle and provides a nice silhouette.

short sleeve knee length teal-to-blue ombre v-neck dress

V Neck Dress or Wrap Dresses

Similar to buttons, deep v neck or wrap dresses offer easy nursing access.

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