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Exploring the Best Baby Carriers: A Comprehensive Comparison

Updated: Apr 24

In this blog post, we delve into the world of baby carriers, offering an insightful and comprehensive comparison of different options available. We analyze various factors like comfort, versatility, and ease of use. Whether you're a new parent or someone looking for a great gift for expectant friends, this comparison guide will help you make an informed decision about the best baby carrier that suits your needs and preferences. Join us as we explore a wide range of baby carriers and find the perfect fit for you and your little one. All the products recommended here have been vetted by us in our own parenting experiences. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

There are many different types of baby carriers from sling wraps to back packs to hip carriers. Then there are different positions your baby needs to be held in as they grow. Newborns will need to be strapped to your front and facing you, but as your baby grows they might enjoy facing out to see what's happening around them. When your child gets heavier wearing them on your back will be more comfortable. Some carriers offer flexibility of changing positions to grow with your baby.

With all these options it may be difficult to decide on one. You may need to try a few to see what you and baby like best. We tried several and reviewed them below to help you decide which might work best for you.


mom carrying baby on her front, facing in, in an Infantino baby carrier

The Infantino Baby Carrier is more structured than the sling wraps, and faster to put on, having buckles rather than wrapping and tying a piece of fabric. It's more breathable than the ErgoBaby carrier above and has the option to wear baby facing you or out, and you can even flip it around and wear baby on your back! Once Kailey grew to about 6 months, she developed some thick thighs and this carrier became too tight around them for her to face out. We discovered this when she started crying and her thighs were turning red from the pressure. We can still use this facing in and as a back pack at 9 months, but I think she'll outgrow it soon. One warning for this and any carrier with buckles is be very careful when buckling not to accidentally pinch your baby's skin. I accidentally got Kailey's arm once with this carrier and I felt so bad!


mom carrying baby on her front, facing out, on a hip seat carrier with or without straps

I was chatting with a co-worker about this type of carrier because her daughter just turned 1 1/2. I'm constantly carrying Kailey around the house on my hip and my co-worker said she always wished she a hip seat carrier and she insisted I would use it for many months to come. I chose this carrier because of the added option of straps and various positions. Kailey and I have used this one a lot since she outgrew the other carriers above. The hip seat provides added structure to support her growing weight (now over 25 lbs).

mom carrying infant against her chest in a ErgoBaby carrier

The ErgoBaby Embrace carrier is a hybrid between a soft fabric wrap and a structured carrier with straps that cross over in the back and buckle at the side. I liked this carrier a lot in the beginning. We used it to travel through the airport and the straps were easy to remove on the plane for take-off (a requirement for lap baby on the plane is they cannot be strapped to you for take off or landing). It was great until we got off the plane in the warm humid air of sunny Hawaii and it was way too hot for Kailey and I. We were miserably hot and sweaty every time we wore this carrier in Hawaii. As soon as I got home, I ordered the Infantino carrier (top recommendation above) because it looked to be more breathable.

mom carrying infant in a stretchy sleepy wrap against her chest

This wrap is one long piece of fabric made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, having quite a bit of stretch to it. I found this both forgiving but unnerving as it did not feel secure in holding my baby as she grew heavier. It works for newborns that don't weigh much but I'm skeptical of the weight range claiming to extend to 35 lbs.

mom carrying infant in a MomCozy wrap against her chest

This wrap is 100% cotton, and comes in 2 pieces. This was another one that was okay for a newborn but I didn't much care for it because the back didn't stay put and kept riding up my backside. It also felt pretty one dimensional with not a lot of options for positioning the baby.

In conclusion, choosing the right baby carrier can make a world of difference in your parenting journey. By taking into account factors like comfort, versatility, and ease of use, you can find the perfect baby carrier that meets your needs and preferences. Whether you opt for a wrap, sling, or structured carrier, there is a wide range of options available to suit every parent's lifestyle. Remember to consider your baby's age, weight, and developmental needs when making your decision. Investing in a high-quality baby carrier not only provides you with convenience and freedom of movement but also offers a nurturing and secure environment for your little one. Trust your instincts, explore the comparison guide, and embark on the extraordinary adventure of parenthood with confidence and joy.

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